Why Buy a Bespoke Cake?

Black Wedding Cake

Why buy a bespoke cake? What even is a bespoke cake? And why should you consider one for your wedding?

In the dictionary ‘Bespoke’ is described as something being specifically made for someone. Synonyms include custom-made and tailor-made. It’s the difference between buying a suit off the hanger from M&S, or having one made exactly to fit you from a tailor. Let’s face it you’re going to look and feel fantastic in the one from the tailor!

When it comes to cake you can either buy a factory-made cake that’s ready decorated from a shop, or meet with an Artisan Cake Maker to design one, which is baked and decorated just for you and your occasion. Now this blog post is mainly about Wedding Cakes, but the information applies to all cakes whether they be for your wedding, anniversary or birthday.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, ‘but you’re a cake maker, of course you want me to buy a bespoke cake’. However, my next blog post will be all about the differences between Bespoke Made, Shop Bought and Self Baked cakes. All have the pros, and all have their cons.

But for the moment, here are my top 5 reasons to buy a Bespoke Wedding Cake:

1. Your Day, Your Cake
Black Wedding Cake

Your day should be everything you want it to be. It’s a milestone that won’t be repeated, so your cake should be the same. Whether you are looking for a traditional tiered, white cake with an abundance of flowers, or something a little more edgy like a carved cake, a donut wall, a macaron tower or a dessert table. If you have a Bespoke Cake you can design the cake to suit your day.

2. You can pick your Cake Maker

Choosing your cake maker is very important. Every cake maker has their own style, both with baking and decorating cakes. Some Cake Makers specialise in big white towers with cascades of sugar flowers. Some make stunning achitectural designs. Other cake makers specialise in carved and sculpted cakes. Some do a bit of everything, but all with have their own personal style.

Bespoke Cake - Gold Drip

Likewise, some cake makers offer a full service from initial tasting and design consultations to the delivery and set-up of your cake on the day. Some post out samples for couples to try, some help to reduce the couples costs by letting them collect their cake.

Whatever you’re looking for, find a cake maker who’s work you like the look of and contact them to see what service they offer. See how you get on with them, taste their cake, look through their portfolio. Do they see your vision? Do you trust them? Go with your gut feeling and start them designing your perfect, epic cake.

Cake Makers who consider themselves artists take pride in their work. They do it because they love it and enjoy seeing people enjoying the fruits of their labour. Choosing your ideal cake maker means your cake will not only be designed to suit your day, but will be baked with a little bit of love thrown in.

3.  You can pick your flavours and be confident it’ll be made fresh, with good ingredients and no preservatives

Cakes can’t survive on looks alone, cakes must taste as good as they look, and the benefits of a bespoke cake is you get to choose your flavours. You don’t have to make do with a factory set flavour, you don’t even have to have all your cake the same flavour. Some of the best cakes I’ve made have included 3 or 4 unusual and/or exotic flavours. Why not surprise your guests? Check out my top 5 wedding cake flavours here.

Bespoke Cake - Flavours

Maybe you’re a vanilla kind of person, that’s great. Wouldn’t you want to know that your vanilla cake has been mixed by hand, baked with love, and is full of the best ingredients and no preservatives? Well, when you buy a bespoke cake you can make sure your cake maker has all the same food and ingredient ethics as you do. Do you want a vegan tier, gluten free cupcakes or another specialist bake? Well with a bespoke cake you can.

Most cake makers I know (and I know a lot!) will bake your Wedding Cake just a couple of days before delivery. It’s as fresh as the decoration will allow, and won’t contain any unnecessary preservatives. Can the same be said for the shop bought cakes?

4.Your cake will be memorable

Your cake will be memorable because it’s made just for you. No-one will every have the same cake as you. That’s the whole idea of ‘Bespoke’. It will suit your personality and your wedding. People will see it and know its your wedding cake and couldn’t be anyone elses.

Bespoke Cake - His and Hers
5. It’s good value

Now I know what you’re thinking, but bear with me here. Most shop bought cakes are, as previously stated, baked in a factory with little or no personal touch. They often look much bigger and more grand in the photos than they actually are. It may say 4 tiers, but how deep are those tiers? A bespoke cake will be as deep as you request it to be. Most Cake Makers supply 3 or 4 layers of sponge in their cake tiers, making them a minimum of 3” or 4” per tier. And as said before you know what has gone into your cake.

Bespoke Wedding Cake - Buttercream Faultline

Also, when you buy from a shop you must go and get it yourself. Some of the biggest suppliers of shop bought cakes supply a tiered cake as separate tiers, leaving you to dowel and stack them yourself. Now do you need that kind of stress on your Wedding Day? 

A Bespoke Cake Maker will usually prefer to deliver your cake and set it up. All you need to do it turn up, cut it, and enjoy it. A good cake maker will contact your venue and find out the best time to deliver your cake, for example naked cakes need to be delivered as late as possible so they don’t dry out. Some cakes need to be delivered at an exact time to coincide with a venue/room change around. 

And lastly, Cake Makers aren’t rich people. A lot of time goes into what we do. Our hourly wage is generally much less than you would ever expect. I hate to admit this, but a lot of what we do, we do because we love it.

Wedding cakes, on average, cost between just 2 and 5% of the overall budget. Which means you can have an individually designed, handmade piece of edible art on your wedding day, it won’t break the bank, and you get to eat it!!

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