Sugar Flowers

Black 3 Tier Art Cake

And why I don’t make them anymore

Now, before I start this post, I want to make sure you don’t think I’m dissing Sugar Flowers. I’m not!! I have spent 70% of my cake career trying to perfect Sugar Flowers. And do you know what, I’m not half bad at them!! In fact, I’m bloody good at them!!

I think sugar flowers are beautiful and brutal in equal measure. I have huge respect for cake makers such as Suzanne Thorpe. Rosalind Miller and Emma Waddington. They all produce THE most stunning sugar flower adorned cakes. BUT here is why I now don’t make them anymore.

Firstly, there are a million other things you can put on a cake. Secondly, they take forever to make and very few people actually have the budget to pay properly for the time it takes to make them. And thirdly, I see them so much I think it’s time for something new – something alternative!

2 tier chocolate art cake with cocoa butter colour
2 Tier Chocolate cake decorated with a Leather flower accessory.

I got bored…….

Sugar flowers are the go to adornment for wedding cakes. I spent 5 years running a cake shop in Hampshire, and the process of designing a cake became almost formulaic. Tall cake towers, adorned with a cascade of sugar flowers. I’m going to admit it, I got bored!

It was the norm for a couple to come to me for their consultation with a selection of photos of white, naked or semi naked cakes, all covered in sugar flowers. Which proved to me there was a million other cake makers that could all do the job just the same as me. Quite often many undercut me on price (I’m not going to comment if their flowers were as good as mine), so I started to think ‘what is the point?’.

single tier art cake with cocoa butter paint splats and colour drips
Single Tier Elopement cake decorated with a single Silk Flower

I got into cake making to be creative and to produce edible art. Another sugar flower adorned cake, that was just a copy of a hundred other sugar flower adorned cakes, wasn’t in my opinion, the reason I started this cake journey 10 years ago.

Think Differently

There are so many other things to put on your cake. There are so many other ways to design your cake. Leave the flowers for your bouquet, or button holes, or centre pieces or even the stunning flower clouds that are currently fashionable. Let the florists work their magic with flowers. Look at your cake as an individual piece of art that can be a centre piece for your occasion and show off your loves and passions in a different way.

Maybe you could have a colourful cake? A chocolate covered cake? Or a sculpted cake? A cake with colourful wafer paper sails? Or a cake with architectural wafer paper details? A cake with edible paint? Or a cake with edible flowers?

Cake has come a loooong way since the days of traditional tiered, white royal iced cakes of Queen Victoria. Cake makers have learnt to do things with cake that was once only a dream. And as time goes on and cake makers push themselves more and more, we really are seeing some incredible art being produced that is all edible, all made out of cake.

It’s all about YOU!

Just think about it……..rather than a white tower with sugar flowers that has been seen a million times before, why not have an edible sculpture that reflects you and your interests?

Dried Pressed Flower Cake - no sugar flowers
These are Dried, Edible Flowers……these are NOT sugar flowers! Photo by Lex Fleming Photography.

Now like I said at the beginning, I’m not dissing sugar flowers. I’m not saying I will never make another sugar flowers again. If the design warrants it, or its something unusual, or if the couple has the budget to match the vision, of course I will make them.

But what I really want is to urge you to think differently about your cake. Think differently about the tradition and strike out with something new, something that is really you and something that will get people talking for all the best reasons for years to come!

Sculpted Icecream - no sugar flowers
Why not try a sculpted cake?

Check out my full gallery here and for more examples, inspiration and a daily update of my work, why not check out my Instagram Account, or maybe even my Pinterest Boards.

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