Privacy Policy

Daisy Cake Company Privacy Policy: 

The Daisy Cake Company only holds the minimum of personal data required to fulfill your order (for example your name, telephone number, address, email address.) We will ask for the contact details at the time of the initial enquiry to process your enquiry and order comprehensively.

All personal and order data is kept on electronic hardware which is password protected. Passwords are updated regularly. Printed paperwork may be used during our production and delivery process but will be kept in a locked cabinet and then destroyed immediately your order is fulfilled. We do not store any card or bank details.

After your order has been processed we may keep your details digitally, you have the right to ask for this data to be deleted at any time by contacting We do not share any data with third party companies. You have the right to ask about your information and how it is used at any time.

The Daisy Cake Company likes send Newletters to all new and previous customers. You may request to be unsubscribed from this at any time, when your email address will be deleted.