One Love Elopement Wedding Shoot

One Love Elopement Wedding

Back in the summer of 2020, when it was warm and Covid 19 was the main thing on everyone’s mind, a group of Wedding Suppliers, socially distanced, fully masked up, to do an amazing thing – the One Love Elopement Wedding Shoot.

It wasn’t a wedding, because, well, they were banned, it was a styled shoot in the heart of Tooting!!

Back in my early 20’s I lived in Tooting, and bloody loved it. I moved to London when I was 18, and Tooting felt so great! Very different from small town Hampshire, but that’s exactly why I moved!!!! So when Zuza from Hullabaloo Collective invited me to make a cake for her One Love shoot, I was so there for it!

One Love Elopement Inspiration

Zuza’s message was clear ” In the middle of a global pandemic, I really wanted our elopement shoot to show that love is love, and whether you’re getting married in a grand manor hotel or the back garden that the results are the same; a couple who tied the knot!”

Zuza used a mural called Coral Heart by Louis Masai in Tooting as her inspiration for the shoot. Sadly the street art has now been vandalised, but Zuza’s One Love inspiration turned a complex and beautiful piece of art into a pretty epic elopement shoot, with all the perfect suppliers.

Zuza wanted to show that boho doesn’t just have to be whimsical or festival. Her goal was to show you can bring bohemian to an Urban setting and make it rock!

The Talent behind the Cameras

Lex Fleming and Jay Anderson were behind their cameras. Lex’s photography style is the epitome of Urban Wedding, so she captured the mood and atmosphere like a master.

Jay’s expert videography and editing pulled the whole thing together into Zuza’s inimitable 70’s vibe.

The One Love Elopement Cake

And, so onto the cake. The brief for the cake changed a few times. Zuza’s idea was developing and over a month the cake brief developed with it.

She settled for a brief of fresh, pressed flowers and I got to work designing. I had a clear colour palette, and mood boards of the flowers that were being included. I went straight to Maddocks Farm for their organic and edible flowers, and put in my order.

When they arrived I had to move quickly to get them pressed before they faded or deteriorated. Its been a loooong time since I’ve pressed any flowers. The last time I did was probably before I started secondary school. It’s exactly the type of thing my Grandma would teach me how to do.

I watched a few YouTube videos, prepared myself and started pressing. I had layers of paper, flowers, more paper, more flowers and then a bloody massive slab of marble that I use for chocolate work on top. They sat there for a week…….I didn’t dare look, in case I screwed it all up, because I didn’t have time to get anymore before shoot day. But, the day before the shoot I carefully, very carefully, peeled away the paper to be presented with the most glorious sight of beautiful, fresh, organic, pressed flowers!! What a joy!!!!!

As I didn’t want to take away from the beauty of the pressed flowers I decided to keep the cake simple. But I thought it needed texture. There is a place for smooth white cakes, and this wasn’t it! I used Swiss Meringue Buttercream to create a texture that I can only describe as an ‘artex ceiling’. The vibe was 70’s so I turned to the era for some home decor inspiration.

The Meringue buttercream meant the outside of the cake was slightly sticky, just sticky enough for the flowers to suction themselves to it and not move. I decided to be pretty random with my flowers, but it’s one of those strange things – random has to be well thought out! Seriously, the thought process……does one flower look right next to another? Is it on too big for that spot or too tall? The time it took to randomly stick flowers to a cake was ridiculous!!

I also decided to make the cake inside match the colour palette. I chose fresh Raspberry Sponge, and filled it with a zesty lemon american buttercream, so when it was cut, the inside looked as pretty as the outside.

Side Note:

Just as a note, I didn’t take any cake home. The crew tucked in at the end….it was a good day. Wedding Shoot, Cake and Cocktails. It will be a day I will remember for a long time. It was the first time I’d seen other wedding professionals for a few months. It was the first time I’d been more than 2 miles from my home for a while. It was the first time I worked with a mask on. But you know what – it was amazing!! Working on this One Love Elopement Wedding Shoot, in this shitty year, was the best feeling!!

The Crew

Planning, styling & concept @the_hullabaloo_collective
Photographer @lexflemingphoto
Videographer @jayandersonweddings
Venue @goldfinchsw17
Bridal outfits & masks @poppyperspective
Grooms face mask @bombinistudio
Bridal headpieces @thelucky6pence
Cake @bronyadcc
Hair & Makeup @makeup_in_orangeries
Flowers @catherineshortfloraldesign
Stationery @the_ve_weddings
Models @paigepbear & @callme_ishmail
Grazing table @mothernaturegrazingcompany

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