Cake Prices & FAQ’s

How much? Cake Prices are THE number one question I get asked and sadly, the hardest to give a simple answer too.

Each and every one of my cakes is designed specifically for just one occasion – your occasion! Whether it be a wedding, birthday, christening, anniversary or just because, your cake will never be like any other. And because of that I can’t publish a list of prices. However, to give you a rough idea these are my ‘starting from’ prices:
Minimum order for bespoke cakes £150
Single tiers, Sculpted, Event and Party Cakes start from £150
2 Tiers start from £225
3 Tiers start from £375
4 Tiers start from £450
5 Tiers start from £600
These are for plain, buttercream coated cakes without any design elements.
At the bottom of the page are a few examples of fully designed and decorated cakes, just to give you a better idea of a completed cake price.

If you’re not looking to spend so much but still want a handbaked bespoke cakes check out my Online Cake Designs, ready to order with a just a few clicks

Why does a cake cost that much?

So, what are my cake prices based on? – the design, the detail, the flowers, whether it’s sculpted or has a structure, and the size. Bespoke cakes take time to design and create, and time is what my prices are mainly calculated on. However, I don’t scrimp on my ingredients and my prices reflect this.

Please have a look through my Design Process to see how I work and where my time goes.

I also deliver all of my cakes and my cakes prices reflect this. I deliver to Surrey, Greater London and Central London. When quoting a final price distance, travelling time and anticipated time for set-up will be fully inclusive. Delivery and Set-up is as much part of the service as designing, baking and decorating. Delivering a cake can be a delicate process, and I will always ensure the cake is delivered with prior agreement with the venue and set-up where the cake will be presented.
Tiered cakes (3 tiers and above) are always transported deconstructed, so ample time needs to be allowed when delivering.
Single and 2 tier cakes can be collected by prior agreement and the price will be reduced accordingly. Note – once the cake is handed over at collection it will be your responsibility to get it to your destination unharmed.

Design and Intellectual Property

Please note I do not copy other cake designs. I don’t even copy my own! I am happy to take inspiration from other cakes, but please don’t send me a photo and ask ‘how much for this?’. There are plenty of cake makers around who will copy cakes, however, if you want a one of a kind, bespoke design, not yet seen on Instagram or Pinterest, then please get in touch.

Just as an example….. and FAQ’s

Here are a few cakes with portion quantities and cake prices to give you a rough idea.
Minimum Order amount of £150

Can I have a Design and Tasting Consultation?

Of course. In times of Covid 19 this would, however, be slightly different from normal. I can send you a box of cake samples, which will include 2 slices each of 4 different flavours for you to try in the comfort of your own home.
We can then get together via a video call, to chat about the flavours you like and the design you want.

A box of samples will cost £25.00.
A box of samples plus a video consultaion will cost £35
If the total cost of your cake is £350+, the cost of samples and consultation will be deducted from the total (meaning, it’s part of the service)

What if I want cake boxes posted to absent guests?

After we agree which flavour cake you would like posted, I will get a guest list, including postal addresses from you.
If you would like to include a note I can either arrange for these to be printed, or take delivery from your stationer and include these in the boxes.
Each box can contain up to 3 slices of cake. The cake inside will be wrapped in cling film and then baking parchment to keep it fresh, they can also include a ribbon and bow to match your wedding colours if you wish. They will be packaged with allergy and storage information.
Cake Boxes will be posted via 1st class post, using the Click and Drop method. They will be posted on the day of your choosing. I cannot guarantee a day of delivery using this method, but for extra cost of posting I can use the Royal Mail guaranteed delivery service.

Cost: Including 1st Class Posting.
1 slice per box £3.50
2 slices per box £6.00
3 slices per box £8.00
Please enquire separately for printed messages, and guaranteed delivery service.

Will you deliver my cake?

Absolutely!! I deliver all my cakes to a venue of your choice. This can be a restaurant, pub, wedding venue or even your home.
If I am delivering to a venue, restaurant or pub, I will always call ahead and discuss the absolute best time for delivery so you don’t have to worry.
If your cake is to include flowers from a florist, I will call the florist to coordinate the best times to get the flowers for the cake.
I offer free delivery within my local area. Check out if your postcode is in the free delivery zone here.

Cost: Dependent on location, but this will be included in your final quotation.

If you would like to read the Terms and Conditions regarding ordering a cake, you can do so here.