I’d love for you to get in touch

If you’d like to order a cake, ask any questions or just talk cake then please get in touch. By email or phone I’m always happy to chat.

I am a bespoke cake artist, designing and making unique one of pieces of edible art. I do not copy other cakes, although I can take design elements to incorporate into a new design. Please don’t send me a cake photo and ask ‘how much?’ as this is just not what I do.

Email: [email protected]

Where I’m at:

I’m based in Epsom but will deliver in person to Surrey, London and further.

Cake Tastings and Consultations are held by appointment only either at a mutually convenient venue or by video call.

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I try to reply to all messages within 48 hours. However, weekends and Bank Holiday I may take a little longer.

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Bronya at DCC is a part of Daisy Cake Company and delivers to Central London, Greater London and Surrey.