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Do you remember February 2020, when you had some great plans for the summer, including a big wedding, with a big wedding cake? Yep, me too….and then the C Bomb hit!! And all those plans disappeared in a blink of an eye. As a wedding supplier I have been scrabbling around, filling my time, waiting for weddings to open again, and this month, July, there is a little ray of light. Small wedding ceremonies can happen and more couples are considering how a Small or Elopement Wedding could look. So, here is my quick guide to Small and Elopement Weddings.

What is an Elopement?

Once upon a time, elopement would conjour up images of running off to Gretna Green, or a Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Nowadays, its different. Elopement weddings generally mean getting married with a small, very small, selection of guests in a minimal but very personal way.

People have Elopement Weddings for different reasons, maybe you find the whole idea of wedding planning overwhelming, maybe you just don’t want the pressure of standing in front of a huge group of people to say ‘I do’, maybe you want the actual day to be small, personal and intimate but with a huge party later, or maybe you’re getting married in the middle of a Coronavirus Pandemic. Whatever your reasons there are still a few things I would advise you think of.

Elopement Wedding. Photo by Fleming Photo
Photo by Lex Fleming

Make it Special

Choose your guests wisely. This is a day you want to remember and you want your closest and best friends to share it. Many Elopement Weddings will have a handful of guests and a photographer, so your guest list is small.

Elopement Wedding - photo by Fleming Photo
Photo by Lex Fleming

Remember there will be people who will be disappointed they haven’t been part of your day, so be prepared for this. Don’t let them find out 2nd or 3rd hand, and please don’t let them find out on Social Media. Everyone should have the wedding they want, and no-one should feel pressured to have a big wedding. But equally be respectful of your absent guests like you hope they will respect you and your decision.

Choose your location with intent. Do you want to be married on top of a mountain, or do you want to be married in the hustle and bustle of a city? With an elopement anything is possible. After the legal bit, you can be whisked off to wherever you want to enjoy the moment in your favourite spot, before then heading off to your favourite pub or restaurant to finish the celebrations.


Although you’re not going to have to think about catering, sweet carts, DJ’s, large stationery orders etc, there are a few suppliers you may want to consider.

Firstly, I recommend you get yourself a photographer! Whilst this isn’t just a photoshoot, you are making memories and a photographer is there to capture them. There are some great photographers with elopement experience. Do your research, check out their previous work, talk to them to make sure they ‘get you’, before taking the plunge and booking them.

Elopement Wedding - photo by Fleming Photo
Photo by Lex Fleming

You may also want to consider having flowers, whether that be a bridal bouquet, bridal hair accessories or button holes. It’ll give you a ‘wedding vibe’ and lets face it flowers look great in photos!

You may also want to consider an ‘on the day’ coordinator, to make sure your plans run smoothly. And once they’re allowed back, maybe hair and make-up.

Also, and of course, why I’m here – CAKE!! Have a small cake, enough for the few of you to enjoy. A cake can be delivered to a restaurant, your home, a pub, wherever……here are a few ideas:

Small and Fun Cakes

As you have thrown the wedding rule book out of the window, why not throw the wedding cake rule book out with it?

Have whatever cake you want – do you love chocolate? Have a chocolate extravaganza. Do you love Rocky Road? Have a big pile of it on a cake. Do you adore profiteroles? Have a pile of choux buns. Anything, and I mean anything, is possible. Your wedding, your way!!

small and elopement wedding cake

Sculpted Cakes

Sculpted Cakes lend themselves perfectly to elopement wedding cakes. Most sculpted cakes are on the smaller side, with the work going into the artistry of the cake.

Whatever you’re into, or whatever the vibe you’re going for, there is a sculpted cake waiting for you. Again, they make epic photo opportunities and can be the most personal of cakes.

artisan cake maker - sculpted skull cake

Is there something you’ve always wanted baked into a cake, but couldn’t justify the expense? Well what better reason than to make it your wedding cake?!

Scaled Down Bridal

Maybe, you have always dreamt of your perfect white wedding cake? 5 tiers of glowing sugary goodness. Cascades of flowers tumbing down it? Well, have it!

You can either scale down the vision, or keep the size but just not with as much cake.

Elopement Cakes
You’d never know it, but only 2 of these 5 tiers are actually cake!

Just because a cake is 5 tiers, doesn’t mean you can eat it all. Some cakes are padded with fake dummy tiers to give the look, but not the food waste.

Share with Absent Guests

I love this idea!! Why not, after your wedding, send all the absent guests a box of cake?

Can you imagine as that box drops onto the doormat? It could contain a little note explaining that you have tied the knot, but not in the most conventional way. And because you love them, and you didn’t want them to miss out, you’ve shared your cake with them.

Elopement Cake Favours

Cake slice boxes are perfect for a good size slice, but fit through most letterboxes as a large letter, so are relatively inexpensive to include in your budget.

Elopement Wedding Cakes

Over the coming weeks I’ll be delving a bit further into Elopement and Small Weddings, and the cakes you can have. But for now, if you’re looking for something for your special, small but big day, check out my gallery here.

Check out my full gallery here and for more examples, inspiration and a daily update of my work, why not check out my Instagram Account, or maybe even my Pinterest Boards.

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