Cake Design Process

Any cake should be bespoke and personal to you. It takes time and inspiration to come up with a design perfect for you. Here is my Cake Design process.

Design Process


First you get in touch and tell me you want a cake. Initially I will ask lots of questions, because I really want to get a feel of who you are, and what kind of cake you’re looking for. I will ask questions about the event/wedding, how big you need the cake, discuss your flavour options, what is the most important thing for you about your cake, about how the cake will fit into the other food at your event, about the venue, your budget, I may even ask what you absolutely don’t want on your cake. All this information helps me design the perfect cake bespoke for you!

Mood Board

Next, we meet and you eat

Next, we get together for a Tasting and Design Consultation. If you already have one I’ll look at your mood board for cake design inspiration. We look at all the things that are inspiring you about your event and you cake.
At this point I feed you cake, because the clue is in the name ‘Tasting’ consultation. I provide 4 flavours, either from my menu, or new flavours that you have asked to try.
At the consultation we try to nail down all the finer details that will go into your cake.

Tasting and Design Consultations cost £35 for a Zoom meeting, with a box of cakes sent to you before hand.
In person Tasting and Design Consultations cost £45.
The cost of your Consultation will be deducted from the total cost of any cake over £350 at the deposit stage. Meaning, cakes that cost over £350, the consultation is part of the service!

Design Process Sketch

Then it starts to come together

With all this information I will put together some idea/design sketches. Now I want you to realise, that pieces of art can change and morph, so whilst I’ll put together some sketches for you to get an idea of the designs, your final cake may not be exactly identical to sketch. This is because in the process of making the cake I may consider some of the details not ideal, and other things may work better. Art is fluid and some designs take a slightly different turn from the original sketches.

(Also, I’m a much better cake maker than I am a ‘drawer’! Seriously, my sketches are ok, but my cakes are much better.)

Once we’ve tweaked the designs and sketches to what you want I secure the date in my diary with a 50% booking fee. I then start work getting everything together for your cake delivery. I call any other suppliers that I need too, such as the venue, florists (if flowers are involved), event co-ordinators, prop hire and stylists etc, to make sure delivery goes as smoothly as possible. The design process runs right up to when the cake is delivered.
And of course I bake and decorate you cake.

Itlaian Style Cake

At last you see it

Your cake will be made as fresh as possible, delivered and set-up at your venue for you. I never expect anyone to collect a wedding cake, and I never use third party couriers. It’s always me, setting up your cake in the best place possible to get the maximum impact, making sure you don’t have to worry about it.

So that’s it. Whilst this is the cake design process for most cakes, it’s not always exactly like this. So if you don’t feel comfortable with all this process, then let me know. I am very relaxed with the way I work. However, please don’t send me a photo of someone else’s cake and say ‘how much for this?’, because I’m afraid I don’t copy other peoples cake. BUT, if you want an original, designed and made only for you cake, then please get in touch.

Check out my full gallery here and for more examples, inspiration and a daily update of my work, why not check out my Instagram Account, or maybe even my Pinterest Boards.

If you would like to read the Terms and Conditions regarding ordering a cake, you can do so here.

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