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Hi!! So, you made to my Bullet Points page. Now does that make you interested, nosey or bored? Whichever you are, here are a few random things about me….

*I’ve been married for over 25 years, and have been with my husband for over 35. We met at school and I seriously can’t imagine life without him!

*We had a micro wedding before having a micro wedding was a thing. We had 25 guests, including 2 dogs and went to the pub for our reception.

*My wedding outfit was a Magenta Pink Karl Lagerfeld jacket, a skirt from Long Tall Sally and designer (sorry can’t remember who) black suede shoes with gold heels from Harrods.

My Wedding Outfit

*When I was planning my wedding my Mum was asked ‘are you not sad Bronya isn’t having a proper wedding?’….the cheek!!!!

*My dogs are everything to me. They are my family, my exercise and in dark times have been the only reason to get up in the morning. I love ALL dogs. If you have a dog I’ll be your friend!

*My dogs have an instagram account… here!

*In normal times we have 2 holidays a year in Norfolk with our dogs. Beaches, sand dunes and good pubs is sometimes all you need.

*My business was initially named after my labrador Daisy (The Daisy Cake Company)

Me and Daisy
My husband and my dogs
My husband with Barney, Carrie and Alfie

*I love dance – I danced from the age of 3, I have a degree in Dance Studies (and Business Studies) and I worked in the Dance Industry for 25 years.

*Most of my childhood consisted of my poor mother carting me around the country to different dance competitions, but hey I was UK Rock’n’Roll Champion so it was worth it!!

*My favourite Ballet is Monotones by Frederick Ashton and I once paid £1.75 to watch it in one of the worst seats at the Royal Opera House when I was a student, because that’s all I could afford.

*I worked for Dancing Times magazine, for Freed of London and my last ‘proper job’ was with DSI, the people who make the Strictly Come Dancing Dresses

Me and my colleagues at DSI.
Me and my colleagues at DSI. I worked with my best friend Beccy (on the right) for over 11 years.

*I’ve had other jobs that haven’t been in dance but have been food and drink related. I’ve been a Pub Manager, MacDonald’s Crew Member and a Weight Watchers Coach (twice).

*My music tastes are eclectic. I have seen literally 100’s of different bands, have been to more gigs, both big and small, than I can remember, and have been to Glastonbury 10 times.

Glastonbury 2010
Glastonbury 2010 – before we mastered Selfies!

*My favourite ever live gig was The Prodigy at Glastonbury on The Other Stage – legendary!!!

*I love trees…..weird huh? But I find so much comfort in their colours, shapes and sounds.

*I hate crunchy veg – raw carrot, raw onions, beansprouts, etc I just can’t eat them.

*I have THE sweetest tooth. I don’t think I’ve ever found anything that’s too sweet to eat.

*I love trying new food. When we go on holiday we NEVER go all inclusive because we want to go out to try local food. Finding restaurants when we travel is one the THE most important things to research.

At the Taj Mahal
I love to travel and eat the local food. Authentic Indian food was amazing!

*I love to travel, and I love to come home. Travelling expands my mind and fills my senses, but there is nothing better than coming home to my dogs!!

*I consider myself an adopted Londoner. I am originally from Winchester way, but after living in London for over 25 years, and trying living in Hampshire again it only took 3 years before we put the house and business on the market because it wasn’t for us. Epsom is now our happy compromise!!

*We now live on the Epsom Downs and from my desk I watch race horses going to the training gallops every morning.

*We owned a 500 year old thatched cottage when we lived in Hampshire that had no central heating but 3 log burners. It was the most beautiful house I’ll ever live in but it was cold and damp!

Thatchwell Cottage
Thatchwell Cottage. It is over 500 years old and has a thatch and a well….well wha’d’ya know?!

*I’ve done my family history back to early 1800. Mostly I’m from a long line of Agricultural Labourers, but I did discover my Great Great Uncle went down on the Titanic.

*I own a gun. It was my 40th Birthday present. It’s a Beretta Shotgun and I was Ladies Champion are our local clay pigeon shooting club.

Me and my Beretta
Me and my Beretta a few years back.

*I get inspiration from all around – art galleries, street art, architecture etc. But the place I find most inspiration is creative Make-up. Have you watched Ru Paul’s Drag Race, or even Glow Up – blows my mind!

*I’m a teenager of the 80’s and the TV shows that shaped my life include The Tube, The Word, Friday Night Live, The Young Ones and Black Adder. My fave TV show right now is Ru Paul’s Drag Race – the creativity is epic!

*I am highly allergic to wasp stings. Not in an ‘I’ll die’ kind of way, but the area will blow up like a balloon!

After my last Wasp encounter…….but which one am I?

*I’ve been on TV 3 times, once dancing as a kid, once with my blind dog who learnt to swim, and once on Bake Off an Extra Slice when my Beef Dripping Cake was eaten (and mostly disliked) by the panel – it was intentionally bad by the way!! Although Hugh Dennis did come up to me afterwards and said he actually quite like it!

If I’m the kind of person you’d like to make your cake then get in touch.

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