Bright Cupcake Delivery to Epsom

Bright Cupcakes

January can be quite a tough month, but when you get asked to make bright cupcakes to deliver to Epsom for the first week in January, everything somehow seems better!

Bright Cupcakes Epsom

The request was for cupcakes in a ‘boys’ colour for a 6 year olds birthday. Which is quite tricky to do and not be overly stereotypical. So I asked the boys Mum what his favourite colour was and she said Orange!

Perfect, Orange and Blue are great complimentary! Bright, sunny colours are exactly what needed in this cold, drab month of January!

Bright Orange Cupcakes

The cupcakes themselves were Vanilla and they were baked in bright blue cases. They didn’t want any filling – I guess 20 boys with cake and buttercream is tricky enough without adding any filling to the mix. The buttercream itself was my Perfect Buttercream recipe with Orange Pro Gel by Rainbow Dust added. I have a lot of sprinkle mixes in stock, and on these used Dr Oetker Mermaid Treasure with different shades and lengths of blue sugar strands and white pearls to give a bit of white contrast..

I did piping with star tipped swirls, french tipped rosettes and ruffles with a petal tip. Each tip had a slightly different tone of orange buttercream to add a bit of depth and interest.

These sunny, bright Cupcakes were delivered locally to Epsom. Ready for a birthday party being shared by 3 boys. If you’d like to order cupcakes, you can do so online here.

Bright Orange decorated cupcakes

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