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small and elopement wedding cake

Are you thinking about having a small, intimate wedding? In times of a Global Pandemic I’m afraid that’s all that may be available. But say that was your plan anyway? I had a small wedding and that was 25 years ago. I had 25 guests, and 2 dogs at my wedding and my wedding was EVERYTHING I ever dreamt it to be, and I still had a cake. Small weddings and small Wedding Cakes can be epic, it’s not always about the size, it’s about the look, the flavour and the people who are eating it. So here are my top 5 Ideas for Small Wedding Cakes

1. Single Tier Cakes

In conversations I’ve had recently, some people are worried that a single tier looks a little like a birthday cake – in the same way some people look at 3 tier cake and see ‘wedding’.

single tier art cake with cocoa butter paint splats and colour drips

Well I hear ya! However, Wedding Cakes can be whatever you want them to be, and a single tier can be tall and elegant, and covered in flowers to be more ‘wedding’. Wedding Cakes today aren’t necessarily defined by their size or number of tiers, but by their decoration and how they fit with the couples wedding vision. A well designed single tier, on a suitable stand can look amazing.

2. A Small 2 Tier

If you really do want the ‘wedding look’ but are having a small guest list then why not consider a small 2 tier?
A small 2 tier can give you enough cake for a small wedding, (a 6″ stacked on an 8″ will give 30-40 carefully cut portions), and is more likely to satisfy those wanting the wedding style. Again though it’s all about the dressing and decoration on a cake that will make it a wedding cake rather than a celebration cake.

Think about sumptuous flowers, colour schemes and the stand you place it on. Put on the right stand, with all the right decor and a small 2 tier can look as epic as a 5 tier!

3. Carved

If you’re the couple who are ripping up the wedding traditions book, then why not rip up the wedding cake book too?

Use your cake to show your individuality. A carved cake can be anything….and I mean anything! It isn’t restricted by round or square tiers, its you and your interests wrapped in fondant as a centre piece to wow your guests.
The benefits of a carved cake is that they can be whatever size you want as well as whatever shape you want.

4. Individual Portions

You may think the cupcake craze is over, but just think how good they were to cater for individual portions!
You don’t have to go the cupcake route if you think that may be a bit twee. But have you thought of the other options? Macarons, individual cakes in jars, cake pops, cake’sicles, choux buns, individual layer cakes…there are so many options!

small and elopement wedding cake

What I always used to like about a cupcake tower was how visually you get a lot more bang for your buck. A cupcake tower with 60 cupcakes on could be up to 5 tiers high, where as a 5 tier cake would give you a minimum of 140 portions. So you can get the height, the volume and the all round big look, but without an excess of cake.
Or why not spread it all out on a dessert table? I have to say personally I love the look and decadence of a dessert table.

The Classic look but with dummy cakes

What if all you’ve ever dreamed of was a massive cake on your wedding day? 5 tiers minimum! But in today’s society of sustainability the last thing you want is any food waste, and you really don’t want to be eating nothing but cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next six months.
A Dummy cake may well be your solution. Dummy, or polystyrene tiers can be added to cakes without anyone knowing the difference. I have delivered 5 tier cakes and have had to be very careful to tell the venue to only cut 2 tiers because they’re the only ones that are real.

Alternatively, why not rent a cake makers display cake, and have a cutting cake to serve to your guests.
The dummy tier cake is great on many levels. The tiers can be stripped and reused over and over again, you get the look and height of cake you always dreamed of, and you don’t have excessive food waste.
A word of warning though. Dummy tiers are not a cheaper option – this is a myth that has been previously talked about. Dummy tiers still have to be decorated and delivered, which costs time and therefore money.

A note on stands and decoration

How you decorate you cake table and the stand you put you cake on can make or break the look of it. For small wedding cakes this is particularly important.
For example, I have seen small square cakes being placed on large round stands, because that’s what venue had provided. If it has been on a pedestal cake stand with flowers around the bottoms it would have made an amazing statement.
My next blog post is going to be all about how the design and look of your cake table can make such a difference to your cake. So keep an eye out for that!

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