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Hi, I’m Bronya the baker wanting to kick boring cakes into touch.

After running Daisy Cake Company for 10 years, I’ve realised that the art of cake is not something to underestimate.

I was bought up in a family, where baking was the foundation of any good meal. Sunday evening tea times were the best. We had cold roast meat sarnies, followed by a fresh baked cake to dig into.

After a 25 year career in dance marketing (yep, that’s marketing in the dance world) in Central London, I decided I needed something completely different. So, I set-up business in my own kitchen in Surrey – just me, some family help and my dogs, and started Daisy Cake Company, which was named after my Labrador.

In the 10 years of running the business I have owned my own bakery and tea-room, made thousands of celebration cakes and wedding cakes, run an Afternoon Tea catering business, run stalls at fairs and markets, had hundreds of recipes published, had cakes published in Brides Magazine and on Major Blogs, presented on the Food Stage at Carfest, run countless baking and decorating classes, and run a large stately home Tea House.

So, What’s different about my cakes

And after all that I now believe that cake should be thought about a little bit differently. A cake shouldn’t be just a round Victoria sponge with ‘Happy Birthday’ written on top. Cakes can be so much more!! Cakes can be art!

So, I’ve set about to rediscover and introduce the world to the wonder and possibilities of what a cake can be.  A cake should be a centre piece. A Cake should reflect the celebration. A cake should above all taste damn good, and be a flavour that is both adventurous and tasty! It should have colour, texture, personality – it is a world of possibilities.

I’m based on the Epsom Downs, but am more than happy to travel. Mainly my deliveries are in Surrey, Greater London, and Central London but I can go further afield. It’s nice to get out and about

Baking is my passion and I want to share it. If you want to chat cake, eat cake, learn about cake or how to run a cake business please feel free to contact me here.

Click here if you’re nosey and would like to learn more about what makes me tick

My 4 Business Principles summed up in Hashtags:

#ThinkDifferentlyAboutCake – can’t say much more about that. Check out my Gallery to my CAke Art.

#ProjectFlavour – Cake can be so much more than just Vanilla or Chocolate. I have a passion for finding and creating great cake flavours, check out my menu.

#ihavethisthingforcolour – Colour!!! Why should cakes, and particularly wedding cakes be white? Why not bring some colour and edible art to your life.

#ItsAllAboutYou – Your Cake, Your Way. Whether for a wedding or a birthday, don’t be confined by traditions. Have exactly the cake you want!

I love to work with people, all people, no matter gender, sexuality, race or background. Cake doesn’t judge and neither do I…..

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Bronya at DCC is a part of Daisy Cake Company and delivers to Central London, Greater London and Surrey.