4 Tips for designing a Modern, Art Inspired Wedding Cake

single tier art cake with cocoa butter paint splats and colour drips

Are you the kind of couple who dream of something different for your wedding? Do you look at traditional wedding cakes and just don’t feel the right vibes? Is what you’re looking for actually a modern, art inspired wedding cake, but you just don’t know where to start. Well here are my 4 top tips for designing a modern, art inspired wedding cake.

1. Inspiration

Have you taken to Pinterest or Magazines for your wedding planning, but they’re just not giving you the inspiration you need? Many couples look on Pinterest, type ‘wedding cake’ or ‘wedding inspiration’ into the search bar and come up with a whole load of classic and white photos. Now whilst there is nothing wrong with any of that, if its not the look you’re going for, you need to search for inspiraton elsewhere.

When designing cakes, I rarely look at other cakes. If you are looking for something a little different, find a cake designer that will look at outside influences and who won’t copy or be influenced by other cakes.

New London Fabulous by Adam Nathaniel Furman
Alternative inspiration comes in many forms. This is a New London Fabulous design by Adam Nathaniel Furman.

Find your inspiration by looking at your likes and passions, are you into art, or street art, or architecture, or tattoos? Look at the general vibe of your wedding and your venue. If you want flowers on your cake, consider if you want them to match your bridal flowers or be in stark contrast. Maybe even consider pressed or edible flowers, or dried petals.

Take all these influences to your cake designer and work with them. Give them a brief with all the things you want and don’t want, and let them work their magic

2. Design

Where do you even start to design a Modern, Art Inspired Wedding Cake? Well thankfully you don’t have too if you have got a good Cake Designer on board.

However, there are some basics that you will need to consider. Firstly, how much cake you need. This will have a bearing on how big a design you have. Whether you go for a tiered cake, a deconstructed tiered cake or a sculpted cake, at the end of the day, you will need enough cake to eat.

4 tier off centre wedding cake. dried flowers and paint streaks,

The design will also have to be considerate of things like flavour and cake coverings. For example, if you absolutely hate fondant your cake designer will have to adapt the design to use something different like buttercream or ganache.

Don’t be afraid to challenge the norms of wedding cake design. Cake is a very versatile medium. Sure it has limitations in that, well it’s cake, and all cake really wants to do is fall apart and become a pile of crumbs. But a clever cake designer can overcome most hurdles and structure a cake to be any shape you want.

3. Shape

A wedding cake does not need to be tiered! There I said it.

A wedding cake can be any shape you want it to be. Seriously, it can!! It doesn’t have to be anything standard. If you have tiers they don’t have to be straight up and down, and centrally set. You can of course have a carved cake, in any shape you want!

The shape of your cake will be one of the most noticeable parts of its design. Other than the a carved or sculpted cake, here are a few suggestions:
Tall and thin – all the same width or with tall thin tiers
It can be deconstructed, with separate layer cakes displayed over a table
It can be square, hexagonal, triangular….why stick to the classic round drum?
You could mix it all up, have a shallow square bottom to your cake, with a towering hexagon and a ball on top…….do you see what I’m getting at.

small and elopement wedding cake

Use your inspiration, and include the shape of your cake in the overall design.

4. Colour and Texture

Again, a bit controversial, but wedding cakes don’t have to be ivory or white!

Colour and texture will define your cake design. It will also largely define how your cake is covered. Dark colours may need chocolate to get a depth of colour started, certain textures may need royal icing or buttercream, bright white can only be achieved with fondant.

There are loads of ways to include colour in your cake, so don’t be scared. There are many techniques to get bright or dark colours into cakes, and even metallics. Just use your imagination and get creative.

Black 3 Tier Art Cake

Designing your wedding cake doesn’t have to be daunting, but on the other hand it doesn’t have to be standard or expected. You can have the cake of your dreams if you follow my 4 Tips for designing a Modern, Art Inspired Wedding Cake

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